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Support group for women

A support group for women in which we go through the emotional process and solve internal problems individually in a group space, during which others participate in the individual work of one person. Group support is about taking up topics that women face on a daily basis, such as: 

  • What can I tell my teenage son?
  • I’m so tired of mothering my husband
  • I’ve lost my sexual attraction to my partner 
  • My mother-in-law’s just visit us, what makes me exhausted and feel like a trash
  • OMG my teenage daughter started having sex!
  • Help! My toddler drives me crazy!
  • Career or housewife? – I can’t do both anymore!
  • How to involve household members in home duties

Sound familiar? You don’t need to go through all of this alone. Discover the power of a supportive women’s community, in which I am honoured to be a mentor and coach. You deserve someone who has your back, no matter what!
Ready to join? Please send an e-mail to justine@high-duck.com. Put “Support group for women” into subject line and I will return with all the details.

Do you have questions? I’ll be happy to support you