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Variety of addictive substances, including alcohol, cigarettes and drugs


Am I addicted? 

Addiction is the state of being enslaved to a habit or activity. To be addicted means that something else controls you. It’s typically used in relation to drugs and alcohol, but it can apply to any dependency, whether it’s sex, gambling, nicotine, porn, working, excessive exercising, or eating junk food. I know it is hard to believe you can be struggling with addiction for something that probably started with the purest of intentions. It’s very hard to believe you have lost control of your life. You can’t imagine how you would have changed so much. The symptoms and downside of any addiction is obvious: you do not go out with friends, you do not participate in family events, you spend little time with your children, dropping them off to bed and falling asleep by the TV instead. You fight with your partner, spend money on addictive substances, have sleeping issues, body pains, feel angry at yourself, delay your duties because of (you can put anything in here: alcohol, social media, tv shows, food, porn, drugs, and so on). For different types and stages of addiction, you can observe specific symptoms.

Looking for a specific therapy for a specific type of addiction? I have important information for you: It doesn’t matter! Because the key to getting your freedom back is finding the reason that caused you to be addicted. Addiction is only a symptom of a deep unconscious process. It may be confusing now, but it will become more obvious and simple with time, if you only reach for help, which you partly did already if you’re here. Well done, you!

Addiction has an impact on every aspect of life and on our loved ones. The good news? You can make the choice to stop now, say goodbye to it. I would love to help you with that, so you can embrace a healthier, happier life again.

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