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Connect with your inner child

Inner child

The workshop aims to answer the question of what an inner child is and how to recognize an inner child. How does the inner child’s energy affect our lives and relationships with other people? You will see how to work with it and learn how to take care of this energy.

The first part of the workshop is devoted to getting to know and realize what it is and how we experience inner child energy in our lives.

Building adult self-security attachment helps us regulate emotions and live a fully conscious, adult life without reactions that come from inner child energy. The beauty of discovering our inner child energy and taking care of it is that you don’t need to go back in detail to your childhood upsetting experiences. Creating strong security attachment with your inner child is one of the most pleasant, powerful, and life changing processes, leaving us connected with ourselves more than ever. We start to actually function better in relationships and work, trusting our own decisions more and more, helping us to effectively regulate emotions. 

Workshop includes:

  1. Four modules:

    I – Nice to meet you.
    II – Welcome home.
    III – Let’s play together.
    IV – I will love you forever!
  2. One meeting each week.
  3. Safe holding space between the sessions – Private support group for participants.
  4. Work/practice notes.
  5. Individual mind-board, capturing your entire emotional process.
  6. Follow up – One Q&A meeting.

Workshops take 4 weeks, with one follow-up Q&A meeting, and with access to materials you will have for a year.

Workshops, not only give you the theory but also help you connect with your inner child. It all happens online, so you can choose a place that is comfortable for you to participate in this process group. Ready to join? Please send an e-mail to justine@high-duck.com. Put “Inner child workshops” into the subject line and I will return with all the details.

Do you have questions? I’ll be happy to support you