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    Online workshop designed to discover the perfect balance between being a woman, a partner, and a mother. During the 2-hours online group meeting on Zoom you will learn how to connect with the depths of your soul, to be able to navigate your heart from being lost to grounded, lonely to connected, unattractive to desired, exhausted to well-rested, ignored to understood and beyond.

    We’ll begin with a simple introduction. All you need to prepare is some paper and crayons, make sure you have a good internet connection, maybe headphones and some privacy. Get comfortable with your favourite drink, a cosy pillow, maybe light a candle, or play some soft background music – whatever helps you feel at ease.

    Through a guided spiritual visualisation, you’ll embark on a journey within yourself and create an image of your process. At the end, I’ll introduce you to a journal for further reflection and growth. This ready to print workbook will help you continue your process to make it sustainable.  

    For who?

    This workshop is crafted for women seeking to explore their identity and understand the various roles they play in life. Whether you’re a mother, a partner, or simply embracing your womanhood, this space is designed for you to open up to your needs and discover the depths of your being.

    How will you benefit?

    You’re going to expand your understanding of who you are as a woman. And most importantly, I hope you will learn how to discover your needs and be able to look after yourself.

    Bring some understanding and compassion into your heart. The end goal of the workshop is you use your powerful energy to move away the darkness and burdens from your life. Finally, you will have lightness and brightness every day, and you will smile more!

    What workshop includes?

    • A 90-minute live session with guided visualisation
    • A 30-minute Q&A section, providing personalised support
    • 14-day workbook journal ready to print which enhances your experience and help you make whole process sustainable

    When & where?

    • Date: June 15th, 10 AM
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Location: Online via Zoom