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Relationship issues

Feeling unhappy in relationships? Is a potential divorce making you feel guilty or relieved?

The truth is that there’s nothing wrong with you – it’s just that sometimes life happens, and we get lost in the shuffle of it all. Feeling guilt is also a part of the process, especially if you are the one who suggested the break-up. However, there is also relief, a relief that you won’t have to deal with a childish partner anymore. Do you have a sense that you reached the point of “enough is enough” because your partner has an addiction? The good news is that when we get lost in life, we don’t have to stay lost forever. You deserve happiness, love and joy in your life. 

Relationships are hard, a fusion of two independent people, souls, hearts, dreams and fears. However, it also a beautiful and supporting experience, if we work on it. 

We are constantly changing – you are not the same person you were when you met your partner. Things don’t work anymore, but still you have a willingness to make it work. However, you are feeling conflicted inside. Great – it is all about getting to know what the new version of yourself needs and what you need from each other once again. Process coaching can help you to discover the answers you are looking for. 

Sometimes, it is just a matter of communication, so instead of thinking about couple therapy, it is so much more beneficial to have process coaching. Focus on hearing each other’s needs and look forward together in order to co-create a bright, joyful, and colourful future. 

Relationship with parents, children or siblings causing more pain than happiness in your life?

Yes, it is possible that the people who you love the most trigger the worst emotions. Do they not listen to you? Are you the only one who cares and does all the housework? Do they not accept your needs and desires?

There is no one simple solution for every relationship. The solutions and help come when we stop running from these and face our problems. When we decide we want to change it!

Give yourself the support you need. Here is a safe place to come, to be heard and seen. I work from the heart, will empathize with your unique situation, without judgment or criticism. I will help you get clear about how you feel and how to improve your relationships, so you can enjoy happiness and love again.

Do you have questions? I’ll be happy to support you