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Relationships with food

Are you wondering if you suffer from an eating disorder? Symptoms may vary.

You may notice all of them or just a few, like: dramatic weight loss or weight gain, yo-yo effect, concerns about eating in public, complaints of constipation, IBS, cold intolerance, abdominal pain, lethargy or excess energy, excuses to avoid mealtimes, dressing in layers to hide weight loss or to stay warm, shame eating, avoiding eating with others, forcing yourself to vomit, and creating rituals around meal times.

In addition, the following may arise:

  • conflicted feelings inside, anxious, bombarded with thoughts, counting calories, or excessive exercising
  • hating your body, hating yourself, feeling flustered and in emotional pain, experiencing overwhelming sadness and emptiness in everyday life. 

However, there is a way to switch your perspective, thoughts, and feelings. Eating disorders may be too deep and too complicated to stop and recover from without help.  It may seem like it is too hard, but I firmly believe you have everything to get through this. Let yourself be free. I am here for you. 

Eating disorders are not just issues for teens, and it is not just a food issue.

Although teenagers are more likely to develop eating disorders, it can happen to both men  and women at any stage in life. What is very important to know, is that eating issues have nothing to do with food! Finding the source of your food eating issues could be key to healing and saying goodbye to all those bad symptoms. If you are struggling with food, weight, and self-image, and have tried other treatments without success, then this might be the right time for you to reach out for my unique way of helping. Try psychotherapy with Highduck®, an empathetic and holistic approach to support you in getting back on your feet and enjoying your life in full.

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