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Being confident about sexuality improves your quality of life

Sexuality is a beautiful part of life and can be satisfying and fulfilling. However, for some, sex does not bring pleasure. Sexual issues may come from negative feelings or trauma. These can prevent someone from being sexually intimate.

For others, questioning your own sexual orientation and needs is challenging, emotionally.  Experiencing rejection from family, friends, and society is extremely painful. On the top of that, when you have to deal with problems in your relationship, it can be way too much! You think about therapy perhaps, but you are afraid they won’t get you! Perhaps you have seen a few therapists, and it was a total disaster? I am so happy you are here – I get it, I have it in my bones. 

Have a look at the research I have done here.  Let’s chat to see if there is an energy match.

Sex is important

Sex is a natural, healthy, and pleasurable part of life! And if something is not working as it should, we should seek knowledge and help with it, even if we find sexual issues uncomfortable to talk about openly. Everyone has their own unique sexual needs, just like everyone has their own unique personalities, appearances, and preferences. Not enjoying sex? I will help you find the answers and relief.

Do you have questions? I’ll be happy to support you