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Womanhood – Grow & Glow

Womanhood – Grow & Glow

Motherhood is a real challenge, whether it’s your first or fifth baby. The fatigue, worries and pressure to be the perfect mum can make you feel isolated. You don’t have to face it all by yourself. You deserve someone who’s got your back, no matter what! Join a 4-week programme to connect with women who are facing similar challenges and receive support from a psychotherapist and coach.

For Who?

For you, if you want to learn how to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of womanhood. Learn how to set boundaries, express your needs, enjoy guilt-free self-care, and love your journey as a mother, partner and woman.

What is the “Womanhood – Grow & Glow” programme exactly about?

It’s about connecting with the beautiful power of the women’s energy in the group to lift you up from the darkness so that you can rise again and connect with who you are & be able to grow and glow.

What will the programme look like?

The programme is held weekly on Zoom. Dates and times may vary with each edition – please see the updated information on the website below. Each session is designed to last 1 hour, with an optional extra 30 minutes, perfect for engaging in a Q&A session.

You will be provided with tools and exclusive access to a private group, weekly worksheets, plus a journal upon programme completion. I’m going to make sure that you will feel comfortable in the group. It is a safe and joyful space to gain a deeper understanding of your heart & soul, discover your needs and be able to communicate them.

And of course I am going to provide my guidance and support for you, especially when it comes to problems and solutions.

What does the group programme include?

  • 4 live online sessions (6 hrs) focusing on self-discovery, communication, and emotional well-being
  • Everyday support in a private group chat
  • Worksheets for self-reflection, coaching exercises, and a self-care journal to celebrate your progress.

How are you going to benefit from this workshop?

You will learn how to set boundaries and confidently express what you need & expect in relationships and within the family. Together, we’ll navigate those tricky emotions, and I’ll equip you with tools to feel understood and empowered. These tools will come in handy when you’re questioning yourself as a mother, dealing with the antics of your toddler, feeling stuck, lost, or overwhelmed.

It is wonderful to be under the safe umbrella of a professional and support group for a month. Imagine you have a place to go to release all of your burdens and be able to confide in someone else with the challenges that you are facing. 

How to join?

Check the date of the upcoming workshop and book your spot.

Do you have questions? I’ll be happy to support you