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Trauma therapy is a way to emotional freedom

Shock and trauma often cause flashbacks, feelings of being disconnected, recurring nightmares, and very disturbing symptoms. We may even feel traumatized when we see something or someone that reminds us of the traumatic event. Even after many years when we manage to control it and live with this, certain situations may place us into high discomfort again, forcing us to live in permanent stress of being retraumatized. I believe the best way is to release yourself from this emotional trap. 

Trauma can come from a variety of situations:

  • catastrophes or war
  • exposure to criminal acts such as rape, robbery, being attacked
  • car accidents
  • illnesses
  • physical and sexual abuse
  • sudden loss of someone or something
  • witnessing upsetting events
  • emotional abuse
  • childhood neglect
  • being in a dysfunctional relationship
  • being in relationship with an addict
  • being an adult child of an addict
  • difficult pregnancy and delivery.

Emotional trauma? Why I can feel it in my body

The body always keeps the score when feelings are suppressed. We feel through our body, not our brain. 

Physical symptoms of trauma are very common. You may feel, for example:

  • sleeping issues
  • nightmares
  • difficulty concentrating
  • racing heartbeat
  • aches and pains in the body
  • irritable bowel syndrome IBS
  • loss of sights or hearing
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • shakiness in the muscles or body
  • sweating
  • lack of appetite or compulsive eating
  • migraines
  • extreme mood swings
  • collapsing in sadness
  • outbursts of uncontrolled anger
  • anxiety and fear-related freezing or numbness
  • passing out
  • panic attacks.

I design individual therapeutic plans. For some people, it means that we don’t go into the story at all. Recreating in detail what happened to you is it not necessary during the process. For others, it is liberating to finally free themselves from the shame and give themselves a voice. I am inviting you to give yourself a chance and reach for a life filled with joy, calmness, and freedom. 

Do you have questions? I’ll be happy to support you