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Experience a New Feeling

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What is the New Feeling?

The Highduck® New Feeling is a transformative journey designed to cultivate self-awareness, expand emotional intelligence, and empower individuals to live more fulfilled lives.

The program is designed for 4 weeks and what’s unique about the New Feeling program is that it integrates spirituality, mindfulness, modern psychology, psychotherapy, and neuroscience. Using enjoyable tools, including art therapy, journaling, and more you can learn essential life skills that unfortunately were not taught in school or at home. Building self-awareness, learning how to regulate emotions, and improving emotional intelligence will have a significant impact on your relationship with yourself and with others.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if others finally get you? And to truly know what it’s like to be connected with yourself? Forget judging yourself and doubting your intuition. Instead, develop emotional intelligence and emotional self-awareness to enjoy a more fulfilled life and healthier relationships.

Wherever you are in your life right now, learning and building emotional awareness
and intelligence is essential and fundamental to thrive in your life.
You can make yourself happy, and what’s important – it is sustainable.

Justine Hajduk

Why New Feeling?

The concept of the New Feeling Workshop is rooted in my 15 years of experience working in mental health. Inspired by the transformative experiences of my clients, who often exclaimed, “Wow, this is something new… It is a new feeling”, “It’s like learning a new language…”.

I realised the profound impact of guiding individuals toward self-discovery. This inspired me to create a comprehensive program that combines my expertise with practical tools for personal growth.

For who?

Tailored for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re new to personal development or looking to enhance your emotional well-being, the Highduck® New Feeling is a great journey for growth and discovery.

I can talk about sex now! And about my desire! Happy days thank you Justine.

– M.K.

I never used the ‘F’ word before! I first saw Justine on her video singing the ‘fuck you very much’ song, and I couldn’t stop laughing! I didn’t have a clue about expressing anger; I thought anger was bad. Looking back, I realize there were many situations where I never stood up for myself. Well, it’s in the past. Even though it’s difficult to reflect on, I now know I can sing away, like ‘fuck you very much,’ in my car too. As you mentioned in our last sessions, my insecurity is gone because I can now protect myself. Let me tell you, no one can mess with me anymore. Thanks, Justine!
– Louis

Feelings were not for me—no way! Now, I can say ‘I love you’ to my partner, have meaningful conversations, and finally feel understood. Women used to be so complicated to me before, a constant challenge due to my reluctance to give them enough… I decided to be a man, a man brave enough to confront myself. I had avoided this for so long, thinking it would make me weak to connect with my feelings. You know what I mean, don’t you? That sense is gone now. I realize I’m like a rock, unbreakable, regardless of the feelings that arise. I’m solid, and you can lean on me too. I believe she appreciates this newfound strength in me the most now.

– Happy me

After my process, I finally started to date people I was attracted to. I am not waiting anymore for them to reach out first! I am a good catch; it’s a pity I discovered that so late. Anyway, for anyone out there fed up with dating apps, work on yourself! It will get easier once you feel like a good catch. Go for it! Namaste. Justine, thank you so much!

– Alex

I used to hate drawing! At first, I thought it wasn’t for me, but it became so much fun when I dropped the judgment. I remember the first time Justine told me to just do it, draw intuitively. I wanted to tell her the same. Now, looking back, I’m grateful because through this process, I connected with who I am, and my intuition has become my guide. I love this feeling; it makes me feel safe.

– B.

I used to think therapy was nonsense, only for the weak! Initially hesitant about the cost, I realized it was the best self-investment. Then switching to group therapy gave me an unexpected confidence boost. Though initially skeptical about joining, it saved me money and was a fantastic end to my therapy journey. Drawing made it easier… I felt safe without the need for constant self-disclosure. If you prefer an easy-going, less talkative approach, I highly recommend it. Justine always says, ‘If I can do it, so can you.’ So here’s me passing it on— you can do it!

– K.

I’ve never felt like I had a voice; it always seemed like I was just going along, probably because I avoided conflict and didn’t like confrontations. Justine, as you pointed out, I now have my own voice! For anyone struggling to find their voice, all I’ll say is that you do have a voice; you were just disconnected from it. Yes, it was challenging at times, but go ahead and give it a try; it was worth it for me. Thank you, Justine, for supporting me in reclaiming my voice.

During the process, you will:

  • Get skills to make yourself happy every day
  • Discover who you are and who you are not
  • Understand and regulate your emotions
  • Learn how to communicate with your emotions and needs to have healthier relationships
  • Learn to set and maintain boundaries for your well-being
  • Experience a new level of confidence, empowerment and alignment with your true self
  • Take care of your comfort zone

What does the process look like?

The Highduck® New Feeling is created to be adapted fully online. The structure is divided into four weeks with each week dedicated to a distinct module. Throughout this holistic process, we integrate the mind, heart, and body, fostering a comprehensive approach to personal growth.

  • Embracing Feelings - to start the journey, we focus on recognizing and embracing emotions within the body. Trust me; they're all there! Through various techniques, we'll lay the groundwork for understanding the intricate connection between emotions and physical sensations.
  • Energy of Emotions - in the second module, we delve deeper into the energy of emotions. You'll navigate through the layers of your feelings, processing them on a profound level. Techniques will be employed to unlock the energy within, paving the way for a more profound emotional experience.
  • Decoding Messages & addressing needs - the exploration continues as we seek to understand the messages encoded in our emotions. Uncover the needs that underlie these feelings and, in turn, learn how to name and express them in a healthy, adult manner. This module acts as a bridge between self-awareness and effective communication.
  • Communication & Integration - the final week focuses on communication. You will learn to speak with confidence and express your emotions and needs by communicating them to people around you. This week, you will also integrate the previous modules. We bring together the insights gained, providing you with a comprehensive toolkit for navigating your emotions. The process involves sensory processing, body-oriented practices, breath techniques, meditation, and more.

Are you ready to improve your life?

Choose one of three options

The Highduck® New Feeling program offers three various options so you can choose the way of work that meets your preferences.

1. New Feeling Workshop

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Integrated modules: 4
  • Weekly video, journal & worksheets for self-work
  • Motivational check-in messages delivered to your inbox
  • Live group sessions with Justine on Zoom every week
  • Exclusive private group moderated by Justine for extra support from the community
  • Direct support from Justine throughout the whole 4-week process
  • Q & A and celebration session at the end

2. New Feeling Self-Work

  • Welcome and introduction email
  • Receive all videos and PDFs via email
  • Flexibility to work through the process at your own pace
  • Follow the suggested weekly sequence for an optimal experience
  • No live sessions with Justine
  • No group participation. You will fly throughout if you prefer to work on your own. Additionally, if you need support there is a special offer on the table for you
  • Special offer: participants opting for self-work receive a 30% discount on booking a New Feeling Exclusive 1:1 session with Justine for additional support if need

3. New Feeling Exclusive 1:1

  • 4 individual sessions with Justine (weekly meetings in person or online)
  • Each session lasts between 1h15min to 1h30min
  • Tailored guidance
  • Ideal for those seeking individual attention and support
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs

These three options provide a range of choices, allowing you to select the level of engagement and support that aligns with your preferences and budget. Go to shop to see more info about availability & prices.

Do you have questions? I'll be happy to support you