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    Wouldn’t it be amazing if others finally got you? And to truly know what it’s like to be authentically connected with yourself? Forget judging yourself and doubting your intuition. Instead, develop emotional intelligence and emotional self-awareness to enjoy a more fulfilled life and healthier relationships. You can now achieve this in a friendly, safe format in Highduck® New Feeling Workshop.

    All that under the continuous care of a therapist. The Highduck® New Feeling Workshop is the author’s method that incorporates spiritual aspects, mindfulness, modern neuroscience, polyvagal theory, contemporary psychology and yoga research. Group programme is designed for 4 weeks.

    For who?

    This workshop is for someone who is not ready for starting individual therapy and will benefit from the overall group process.

    How will you benefit?

    During the process, you will:

    • Build profound self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
    • Understand and regulate your emotions.
    • Practice how to recognize your needs and communicate about them.
    • Learn how to communicate clearly to have healthier relationships.
    • Learn to set and maintain boundaries for your well-being.
    • Experience a new level of confidence, empowerment and alignment with your true self.

    What workshop includes?

    • Duration: 4 weeks.
    • Integrated modules: 4.
    • Weekly video, journal & worksheets for self-work.
    • Motivational check-in messages delivered to your inbox.
    • Live group sessions with Justine on Zoom every week.
    • Exclusive private group moderated by Justine for extra support from the community.
    • Direct support from Justine throughout the whole 4-week process.
    • Q & A and celebration session at the end.

    When and where?

    The Highduck® New Feeling Workshop is held online. The premiere edition kicks off in May. Book your spot. The group size is limited to ensure highly personalized guidance.

    The Highduck® New Feeling program offers three various options: self-work, group process workshop) and 1:1 exclusive sessions. You can choose the way of work that meet your preferences.

    Find out more about Highduck® New Feeling Modality here.

    I am looking forward to meet you!