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A Women’s Empowerment Workshop

Find Your Inner Balance

Are you feeling overwhelmed and burdened by the weight of your responsibilities as a woman, partner, and mother? Do you constantly give to others, yet neglect your own needs?

I hear you. I’ve seen it many times working with women in therapy. Struggling to navigate conflicting thoughts, making decisions, and feeling stuck in a cycle of exhaustion and guilt.

But guess what?

I’m here to teach you exactly what I tell all of my clients: finding balance isn’t about juggling more or less, or trying to be everything to everyone. It’s about honouring all the roles we play in life — as a woman, partner, and mother — and giving each one the attention and validation it deserves.

Neglecting any part can leave you feeling disconnected from yourself and your needs, leading to emotional challenges like self-doubt and stress.

That’s why I’m here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. From the safety and comfort of your home, I’ll guide you through visualizations to uncover the hidden, maybe forgotten parts of your personality. By embracing all the colours of your identity – the nurturing mother, the loving partner, the fierce woman—you’ll gain clarity and insight into your true needs.

What is the workshop about, exactly?

Imagine a life where you no longer feel overwhelmed by conflicting thoughts or drained by endless obligations. Instead, you have peace and harmony within yourself, knowing how to navigate life’s challenges with grace and confidence!

Wouldn’t it be amazing? Safe? Predictable? Joyful? It’s not about changing who you are, but embracing every part of yourself and finding alignment within!

Join me and other women on this journey and discover the power of empowerment within you!

What workshop include?

This transformative 2-hour online workshop is designed specifically for women seeking to reconnect with themselves and find balance in their roles as mothers, partners, and women. This powerful programme is available for just €99.

During the workshop:

  • You’ll embark on a journey of self-exploration through guided spiritual visualization, connecting with all aspects of your personality and identity.
  • You’ll learn to use your intuition to connect with your inner self.
  • You’ll gain valuable insights and perspectives on your experiences.
  • You’ll get tools to support your continued growth and sustain the progress made during the workshop, helping you stay on track and not revert to old habits.


“I’ve always been the ‘go-to’ person for everyone else, but I never made time for myself. Justine’s approach was so warm and understanding, and the exercises helped me explore different aspects of myself. I finally realised that I couldn’t pour from an empty cup. Now I’m setting boundaries and feeling so much more empowered.” – Emma K.

“The online format was convenient, and the game-changer for me was opening up to my intuition again. I’m starting to trust myself more and make decisions that feel right for me. The beautifully designed workbook is a fantastic resource and a joy to use.” – Olivia

“I came to this workshop feeling completely lost. Juggling work, being a single mom, and trying to find some time for myself was exhausting. The visualization completely changed my perspective. I reconnected with myself, like with a part I had totally forgotten. I already feel a shift – I’m calmer, and I find more joy in my motherhood and enjoy simple me-time.” – Sarah

Book Your Spot Now. Spaces Are Limited!

Spaces are limited in each edition of the workshop, which I run each month. Although the workshop is held online on Zoom, I want to ensure I maintain intimacy within the group and connect with everyone who needs it, especially during the Q&A section.

If you need more than just self-help books and are looking for a structured programme with expert guidance, support, and self-work materials, this workshop could be the breakthrough you’ve been searching for.

Feel Completely at Ease Every Step of the Way

At Womankind: Perfect Balance, I want you to feel completely at ease. Once you’ve booked, keep an eye on your inbox for a special email from me. It’ll include tips to prepare for the workshop and a friendly reminder of the date and time – I’ve got you covered! I’ll send you a gentle reminder the day before with the Zoom link, so you won’t miss a thing.

When it’s time for our session, all you need to bring is yourself, your favourite cup of tea or coffee, crayons, and paper. I’ll handle the rest.


You’ll receive a colourfully designed 14-day journal to work with after the workshop. I’ll guide you on how to use it, ensuring your journey towards balance and empowerment continues smoothly. Your comfort and satisfaction mean everything to me.

Workshop Includes:

  • A 90-minute live session with guided visualization and process therapy talk.
  • A 30-minute Q&A section for personalised support and insights.
  • Access to a 14-day Workbook Journal for continued reflection and growth.

Price: €99

Ready to Experience the Change?

From overwhelmed to balanced, lost to connected, unattractive to desired, exhausted to well-rested – whatever roles you’re in: mother, partner, or simply a woman seeking balance, this workshop is for you! Give yourself a voice that comes from the depths of your heart and spirit, so you can hear yourself clearly. Find empowerment in the group’s feminine energy!

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The workshop takes place once a month. Check the date and time of the current edition.

Book Your Spot and Find Your Inner Balance!

Do you have questions? I’ll be happy to support you