My workshops take place online and in person, allowing the participant to grow and resolve issues by participating in a group process that is led by me.

  • Inner child

    Inner child

    The workshop aims to answer the question of what an inner child is and how to recognize an inner child. How does the inner child energy affect our lives and relationships with other people? You will see how to work with it and learn how to take care of this energy.

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  • Support group for women

    Support group for women

    A support group for women in which we go through the emotional process and solve internal problems individually in a group space, during which others participate in the individual work of one person. Group support is about taking up topics that women face on a daily basis, such as:

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  • New feeling

    New feeling

    This workshop is designed to build emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Discover your needs and be able to communicate them. It gives you tools to create an emotional comfort every day.

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