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    Join me for a day of harmony, balance, and holistic integration. My retreat is designed to equip your team with a life toolkit for stress relief and enhanced productivity, fostering a happier and more cohesive work environment. Depending on the weather and location, activities will be adjusted to maximize the experience.

    Experience a transformative retreat designed specifically for corporate teams, aimed at achieving lasting change and enhancing overall well-being. My work-life balance retreat stands out from typical market offerings by focusing not just on fun and connection, but on creating meaningful, long lasting improvements in team dynamics and individual well-being.

    What will be the benefits for your team?

    • a customized experience: each retreat day is individually designed to meet the unique needs of your team, ensuring a personalized and impactful experience.
    • an impact beyond the event: my retreats are structured to bring lasting benefits, improving team relationships, minimizing anxiety and stress, and enhancing productivity. Participants leave with practical knowledge to integrate what they’ve learned and felt into their everyday lives.
    • a holistic approach: combining therapy techniques, yoga, somatic meditation, mindfulness, and coaching, my retreat addresses all aspects of well-being.

    Activities may include:

    • yoga practice
    • coaching sessions
    • forest bathing
    • breathing exercises
    • body movement techniques
    • group processing
    • integrative workshops

    Duration: aprox. 6 hours but I will fit the programme to meet your needs.