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    Build self-awareness and emotional intelligence for a more fulfilled life and healthier relationships with the Highduck® New Feeling. Learn how to regulate emotions, recognise and communicate your needs, set boundaries, experience confidence and empowerment. Through exclusive 1:1 sessions where you will get personalised guidance from Justine.

    For who?

    Highduck® New Feeling Exclusive 1:1 sessions are tailored for individuals seeking personalised attention and support.

    How will you benefit?

    Throughout the process, you will:

    • Develop profound self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
    • Learn to understand and regulate your emotions.
    • Practice effective communication and boundary-setting.
    • Experience confidence and alignment with your true self.

    What 1:1 option includes?

    • Four individual sessions with Justine, each lasting between 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.
    • Guidance and support tailored to your needs.
    • Flexible scheduling to accommodate your lifestyle.*

      * After your purchase, I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the schedule.

    When & where?

    The Highduck® New Feeling Exclusive program is designed for four weeks with each week dedicated to a different module. We can meet online or at the Highduck location.

    The Highduck® New Feeling program offers three various options: self-work, group process workshop) and 1:1 exclusive sessions. You can choose the way of work that meet your preferences.

    Find out more about Highduck® New Feeling Modality here.

    I am looking forward to meet you!