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    Gain emotional intelligence and self-awareness for a more fulfilled life and healthier relationships with the Highduck® New Feeling modality. Embark on a transformative journey using comfortable and enjoyable processes and techniques such as art therapy, journaling, worksheets, and video guidance holistically chosen for each step of the way. Build profound self-awareness, learn how to regulate emotions, recognise and communicate your needs, set boundaries and experience confidence and empowerment.

    For who?

    The Highduck® New Feeling self-work process is designed for individuals who are self-motivated, determined and ready to take full responsibility for their personal growth journey. The structure is divided into four weeks, with each week dedicated to a different module. All materials will be provided after the purchase. I recommend following the suggested weekly sequence for an optimal experience. Throughout this holistic process, we integrate the mind, heart and body.

    How will you benefit?

    During the process, you will:

    • Build profound self-awareness and emotional intelligence
    • Understand and regulate your emotions
    • Practice how to recognise your needs and communicate about them
    • Learn how to communicate clearly to have healthier relationships
    • Learn to set and maintain boundaries for your well-being
    • Experience a new level of confidence, empowerment and alignment with your true self

    What self-work option include?

    • Videos and PDFs for each week are sent via email to your inbox at once
    • The comfort of exploring content at your own pace
    • This option does not include live sessions or group participation
    • 30% discount* on 1:1 single session with Justine if you’ll need extra support

      *Special offer: participants opting for self-work receive a 30% discount on booking a New Feeling Exclusive 1:1 single session with Justine for additional support if needed (when the regular price of one meeting is €250) – contact me before booking to receive your discount

    When & where?

    This workshop is conducted online, allowing you to access materials for self-work at your own pace.

    The Highduck® New Feeling program offers three various options: self-work, group process workshop) and 1:1 exclusive sessions. You can choose the way of work that meet your preferences.

    Find out more about Highduck® New Feeling Modality here.

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