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At Highduck®, I can help you through rough times and resolve difficult issues by:

Individual therapy

Individual therapy is a process where we work on a one-on-one basis, to resolve your issues in a secure, private, non-judgmental, and compassionate environment.

Process Coaching

Process coaching focuses on tomorrow, so it’s about action and change. The main goals of coaching are to grow and become self aware; to make clear decisions and to close the gap between potential and reality.


My workshops take place online and in person, allowing the participant to grow and resolve issues by participating in a group process that is led by me. See available workshops here

Support Groups

A support group is a happy medium between therapeutic process and addressing everyday problems. Remember, you are not alone, and you don’t have to do it all on your own. The support group is here for you to heal your soul and provide you with peace of mind, by resolving challenges you face in your life. 

You might be faced with issues like:

  • Relationship issues

    Relationship issues

    Feeling lost and unhappy? Experiencing emptiness and heaviness every day? Are you in a relationship but feel like there is something missing? You can get your life back on track, even, or especially when, you’re thinking of divorce or separation, or feeling trapped.

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  • Relationship quick fix

    Relationship quick fix

    Is your relationship boring? Do you feel that there is no passion, understanding, or joy anymore? Are you thinking about having an affair or perhaps have had one already? Maybe you even feel more comfortable watching TV or talking with a friend than spending an evening with your partner? Would you like to go to…

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  • Depression


    Do you feel tired and unable to get out of the bed in the morning? Do you have difficulty sleeping or concentrating? You may also wish to be alone and feel overwhelmed by the smallest things. Each day looks the same, with no purpose, no meaning; just the emptiness of being lonely deep inside. Well…

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  • Anxiety & OCD

    Anxiety & OCD

    Are you tired, stressed, exhausted, and feel like a failure? Does every day feel like you’re walking on eggshells? What if I told you there was a way to be free of your anxiety forever, free of the obsession and compulsions that take over your days, for sometimes weeks or even months at a time?

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  • Emotional release

    Emotional release

    Suppressed emotions are hiding in your body. This may make you feel heavy and trapped. Maybe your reaction to a hard situation is through extreme anger or sadness that you can’t regulate. It may lead to a crisis and damage many areas of your life. I will help you say goodbye to heaviness and darkness…

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  • Panic attack

    Panic attack

    Have you ever suffered from panic attacks that come suddenly and without warning? The stress of a panic attack feels like you’re taking your first breath underwater. Imagine, then, a place where you can learn to overcome your fears and lead a joyous life.

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  • Trauma


    It is normal for people who have experienced a shock to feel upset, but it is unusual for them to feel it for a long time. Trauma can be dormant and reactivate in certain situations, even after years. The best option is to release the negative emotions and thoughts that are connected to trauma and…

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  • Sexual abuse

    Sexual abuse

    Sexual abuse can cause a great deal of damage to people. It happens when a person is forced to participate in any unwanted sexual activity. It causes trauma and keeps you locked up in fear and shame. Sexual abuse can also be suppressed and ‘forgotten’, especially when it happened in one’s childhood. However, you can…

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  • Sexuality


    Sexuality can be complex, but is a core part of who we are. Sometimes, it can be hard to be comfortable in your own skin, especially if you question your sex life in relationships or your sexual orientation. Therapy can help you feel more comfortable and empowered in your life and how you express and…

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  • Gender dysphoria

    Gender dysphoria

    Gender dysphoria (sometimes called gender identity disorder or transsexualism) happens when a person feels that the biological gender listed on their birth certificate is not the same as the emotional gender with which they identify. Do you think this relates to you? It might be hard, but it is ok to be you.

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  • Personality and bipolar disorder

    Personality and bipolar disorder

    People with personality disorder or bipolar disorder often have strong, overwhelming emotions, difficulty managing relationships, and issues like eating disorder, anxiety, depression, addiction.

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  • Addiction


    Again and again, you use … alcohol, nicotine, porn, drugs, medications, gambling… Do you create rituals and have specific habits you put over everything in your life? Do you feel like you’re not able to stop? Perhaps it is addiction?

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  • Relationships with food

    Relationships with food

    Is your relationship with food making you worry? You may be suffering from an eating disorder. It can be overcome. The reality of eating disorders is that they are under-treated and misunderstood. I’m here to help you find the way to get out of anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorders, or other eating issues through a holistic…

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  • Young adults

    Young adults

    Are you between 16 – 25 years old and struggling with… life? Do you feel anxious or struggle with identity issues? At this stage of life, people often get lost, feeling a lot of societal pressure to be ambitions and achieve goals while they experience a permanent lack of joy daily. Let’s find the way…

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  • Personal revolution

    Personal revolution

    A revolution happens when you experience a huge life changing event that turns everything upside down, or when you feel a strong desire to switch your path. Do you want to get up off the couch and dust off your dreams? Or do you just want to figure out what is hiding under this desire…

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  • Other issues

    Other issues

    I am integrating psychology, psychotherapy, and coaching. It is a powerful mixture of various skills and knowledge that can support you in various situations. Sometimes you don’t have to go through months of therapy. All you may need is a consultation or a few sessions to work though your specific issue.

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